Add A Printer To My Phone

 on 2/15/17  

Android devices can do just about anything these days (though I'm still waiting for the one that makes coffee), from storing music to managing massive Word files. Add A Printer To My Phone Another excellent function is the capability to print from Android.

Don't have a Wi-Fi allowed printer? That doesn't indicate you can't print wirelessly. In fact, Google has actually developed a method to connect your printer with your Chrome account and your phone to move and print with ease. The setup can be a bit complicated, so we have actually put together a practical guide that will get you operating within minutes.

Linking to Google Cloud Print

Add A Printer To My Phone
While many printers are capable of printing through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or another quick technique, not everyone has a printer that supports this. And some similar to the concept of running everything through the cloud. That's where Google Cloud Print can be found in. By registering your printer, you link it to the Web by which you can run it from anywhere so long as you have a great connection.

Keep in mind that while many printers can resolving Google Cloud Print, there are some that can not. To conserve you the trouble of trial and error, Google compiled a list of printers that work with Cloud Print.
  1. Release Google Chrome on your computer system.
  2. Visit Google Chrome if you're not instantly visited.
  3. Click the Menu button (represented by an icon showing 3 horizontal lines; 3 little dots if you're running a Chromebook) at the upper-right corner of the window.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Click Show advanced settings.
  6. Scroll down to the Google Cloud Print area and click Manage.
  7. Click Include Printers
  8. You will be required to a short list of all available printers. Just check the ones you want to add, click Add Printers. It needs to identify your printer, and the job is done.

Print from phone: ways to do it in Android

Add A Printer To My Phone
Some phones feature Google Cloud Print already constructed into the software (largely the ones that run stock or near-stock Android). If that holds true, then don't fret about the download. If your phone doesn't include the app, you can get it here. Download the app and follow its installation guidelines.

After you have Google Cloud Print, you don't have to run the app itself in order to print; think about it like an add-on to your phone software. It's practical once you master it. Make certain however that the Google account related to your phone is the very same account that you used on Google Chrome in the previous action.
  1. Open a document you wish to print (this can be anything from Google Drive docs to pictures saved on your phone).
  2. Select the Menu button (the 3 dots in the top right corner).
  3. Click Print, and it will take you to a brand-new page.
  4. Click the down arrow that sits simply to the right of Save as PDF.
  5. Select the printer you want the print from. If you can't discover it off the bat, click the All printers ... to obtain a list of every printer you have linked.
  6. When you're all set, click the print button (the light blue circle that appears like a printer).

Printing websites and Gmail messages

Add A Printer To My Phone

You can even print websites and Gmail messages through Google Cloud Print. The process is mostly the same, so you'll have no issue figuring it out. Add A Printer To My Phone
  1. Open Gmail or Google Chrome.
  2. When you discover the page you want to print choose the Menu button (3 dots).
  3. A list of alternatives will fall. Select Print.
  4. It will take you straight to the printing page, where you can choose the ideal printer.
  5. Click Print when you're all set.

Does it work for you?

Are you a happy user of Google Cloud Print? What is your experience with it like? Is printing from Android something you find useful?
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