What Does Use Printer Offline Mean

The printer is important for our everyday office, but the printer shows offline the best ways to do? The following Xiaobian to teach you printer screen off-line option.

What Does Use Printer Offline Mean

01 appears Printer offline, nothing more than the following two cases:

If it is regional print is the printer did not open or the line is not connected; if the network print is to see whether the regional can print, if not, please examine the local print, is to examine the printer connected to the computer is working effectively, Whether the network is disconnected or not.

02 In the WindowXP os, which is not automatic from the offline state, as shown listed below, you have to manage in the control of the operating system, you have to utilize the online printing, Right-click on the icon, and after that choose 'Use Online Printer' in the menu.
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03 above technique is still not required to set up the print service.

What Does Use Printer Offline Mean
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04 The copying to win7.

What Does Use Printer Offline Mean

05 and then is to clear these documents, which is to erase the print queue. Right-click the printer icon in the pop-up menu, select Delete Print Line.

What Does Use Printer Offline Mean

06 After the above operation, reboot the computer system and the printer, and the printer through the USB interface to link to the computer at this time again into the control panel of the printer choices which, in the Windows7 system which will instantly bring back the printer to the readily available state, When the mouse hovers, the right prompt message must be 'print line 0, ready'.

Special Prompt

The print job in the folder can only be erased manually after the printer service is stopped; the files in the 'PRINTERS' folder are all unprinted tasks that you need to erase. What Does Use Printer Offline Mean