How To Scan From Printer To Computer

There is a program that includes the printer called the IJ Scan Energy that can help you with scanning files in and conserve them into your computer system. To scan utilizing the IJ Scan Energy, please follow these actions:

How To Scan From Printer To Computer

How To Scan From Printer To Computer
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1. Location the very first page of the file you wish to scan on the platen glass of the printer.

2. Start IJ Scan Energy.
  • If utilizing a Mac: Go to the GO menu of Finder, choose APPLICATIONS, then double-click the CANON Energy folder, IJ SCAN ENERGY folder, then CANON IJ SCAN ENERGY icon to begin IJ Scan Energy.
  • If utilizing a Windows computer system: Go to your START menu, then choose ALL PROGRAMS (or ALL APPS if Windows 10), then CANON UTILITIES, then IJ SCAN ENERGY (folder), then IJ SCAN ENERGY (program).

3. In the Canon IJ Scan Energy window that opens, click SETTINGS ... in the bottom right of the window. The Settings dialog box appears.

4. Click the FILE SCAN alternative on the left pane of the window, then set the product size, resolution, and so on as needed.
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5. In the SAVE SETTINGS area of the window, you will pick the conserve format and area of the file you will scan.
  • In the FILE NAME field, define the name you want to provide the file. By default the filename will start with IMG; you can eliminate IMG and alter it to whatever you want to call the file.
  • In the DATA FORMAT field, utilize the drop-down arrow to choose the preferred alternative. If you are scanning a multi-page file, pick the PDF (Numerous Pages) alternative. Keep in mind: If you are scanning images, you will have the choice of scanning products as JPEG, TIFF or PNG format.
  • In the SAVE IN field, please browse to the location where you would like the file to be conserved once it is scanned in. By default, the file will be conserved in the MY DOCUMENTS folder.

6. When all settings have been chosen, click the OKAY button at the bottom of the SETTINGS (FILES SCAN) window. The IJ Scan Energy primary screen appears.

7. Click the FILE button. Scanning starts. Click the CANCEL button to cancel scanning if required. Scanned images are conserved in formerly chosen folder area defined in the SETTINGS ... window.

Please note that if you wish to scan images, you will follow the actions above, other than for rather of choosing the FILE SCAN choice, you would pick the IMAGE SCAN choice in action 4, and you would click the PICTURE button in action 7 rather of the FILE button.

As soon as the products above are set for the file or picture scanning, in the future, you will just have to release the IJ Scan Energy, then press either the FILE or IMAGE button to carry out the scan (unless you wish to make modifications to the settings).

Hope this assists!

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