My Epson Printer Is Not Printing

 on 3/4/17  

If your Epson printer does not print a good "Nozzle Inspect" without missing out on lines, head cleansings with the Epson upkeep energy have not worked, and you have actually attempted changing the upsetting cartridges, and the problem continues after the brand-new cartridges are set up, you can be quite sure you have actually obstructed print heads. My Epson Printer Is Not Printing

This is triggered buy not printing typically sufficient and for that reason permitting ink to dry in or on the print heads. Low-grade aftermarket ink can add to this issue. However, I have even seen brand name brand-new Epson ink cartridges include old dried ink too, although that is extremely unusual.

It is necessary to keep in mind that while lots of printer makers utilize inexpensive nonreusable print heads connected to their cartridges, Epson does not. Epson print heads become part of the printer itself which allows Epson to utilize greater quality print heads with a better print quality than the majority of likewise priced printers.
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While this practice is terrific for print quality, the majority of long-lasting users of an Epson printer will ultimately experience obstructions that can not be cleared using the basic Epson cleansing energy or by simply changing the guilty ink cartridge.

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing
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When this occurs you have four options; you can:

  1. Has the printer fixed? This will be nearly as or more pricey than purchasing a brand-new printer unless you have a costly expert printer.
  2. Change the print head yourself. This can be tough if you have no idea exactly what your doing and nearly as costly as purchasing a brand-new printer.
  3. Toss the printer, conserve the ink and purchase a brand-new printer. The very best option for lots of people if the much easier approaches of cleansing do not work.
  4. Tidy the print head yourself. I consider this to be the very best option, however, if the blockage( s) is/are challenging and the print head has to be eliminated, many individuals are much better off simply changing the printer.

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing

Cleaning your Epson print heads (Beginning with the most convenient approach):.

  1. 1.) Turn your printer on/ Press the ink button till the cartridges move into the position required for altering them/ Do not turn the printer off, however, rather disconnect the printer. You can now move the ink cart carriage easily from side to side.
    View this video:
    I utilize Windex (initial formula W/ammonia) Some individuals state not to utilize Windex however, typically they are attempting to offer you their formula.

    If this does not work, you can leave the paper towel under the print moving towards about 8-24 hours. If you have to do this, make as numerous folds in the paper towel as you can make and still have the capability to move the ink cart carriage over it. You will likewise wish to totally soak the towel with Windex. The ammonia in the Windex will assist soften the ink.

    As long as a nozzle check reveals that you are making enhancements, you can duplicate these actions as needed, intermingled with head cleansings with the Epson energy although, you must refrain from doing more than 3 Epson energy head cleansings at a time or that might, even more, block your print heads.
  2. Purchase a head cleansing set that features a syringe and a piece of tubing. You can utilize their cleansing fluid or Windex. I utilize Windex often with a little isopropyl alcohol included. Tidy as directed. Here's an example: You just need to do the colors that are blocked.
  3. Eliminate your print head. Example: Location the print head in a little flat bottomed bowl with Windex. Fill the bowl as high as you can fill it without the Windex touching the electrical contacts. Then utilize your syringe and tubing to draw the Windex up through the print heads and into the syringe, cover and let soak over night and repeat (minus the soaking).

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing now to examine if it is entirely unclogged usage your syringe and tubing to CAREFULLY spray some Windex back through the print heads, it must appear like this:
Now reinstall.

CRUCIAL: if any of the electrical contacts got damp throughout this procedure do not re-install up until you are TOTALLY sure they are dry. Likewise, prevent touching any electrical contacts.

This last repair is the toughest, and lots of people might not wish to go that far, however, as long as your print heads are not harmed this will return them to new-like condition.

Another essential note is: Constantly disconnect your printer before trying any of the above actions.


Nearly every Epson owner will ultimately face this issue, however, to keep it at bay for as long as possible:.

  1. Print a minimum of a test page every 3-4 days.
  2. Just utilize quality ink. Nevertheless, by NO INDICATES am I stating just utilize Epson ink.

Epson ink is costly, and head cleansings will diminish an Epson ink cartridge in no time at all. I utilize a constant ink supply system, however, even if you utilize quality aftermarket ink cartridges, you can conserve around 75% over purchasing Epson ink. Even in a worst case situation where the bad ink you purchased was accountable for totally damaging your printer, by the time that took place probably, you would have conserved sufficient loan to purchase more than one brand-new printer. That stated, your finest off adhering to quality aftermarket ink.

Below is another tutorial I composed on that topic. Good luck!
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