3d Printer Tattoo Machine

 on 7/8/17  

In October 2013, a freestyle school in Paris, ENSCI Les Ateliers, hosted a workshop arranged by the French Ministry of Culture. The concept was to utilize images, videos and sound fallen in the public domain and use them in a sort of "Mashup." The occasion was called Public Domain Remix. 3d Printer Tattoo Machine.

The trainees had one day (8 hours) to select their digital product and change it, hack it or remix it.

Le FabShop was welcomed as a digital production professional to assist the trainees to understand their task.

After a brief brainstorm, all the groups created comparable concepts, other than one, who headed out of the package with their principle. They had this ridiculous idea of making a device that might immediately develop tattoos drawn from a bank of images. They gained from Le FabShop's agent that their idea was more than practical. It might be prototyped by themselves, utilizing the school's devices.

In one afternoon, they handled to hack a Desktop 3D printer and allow it to trace on the skin, using a pen rather of the extruder. The crowd was impressed, and the Minister of culture even concerned see the jobs. However, the young designers didn't wish to stop there. They desired the maker to make REAL tattoos, on REAL skin, so they kept dealing with the job throughout their extra time, with some assistance from instructors and other trainees.

3d Printer Tattoo Machine.

3d Printer Tattoo Machine

They obtained a manual tattoo machine from an amateur tattoo artist and discovered some artificial skin for the very first tests. They opted to draw a smooth circle. The best shape to check the accuracy of the procedure. It worked! Today they needed to discover a volunteer to be their "Guiney pig" ...
In some way, they had no trouble. A lot of individuals were delighted by the concept of being the very first human tattooed by a "robotic."

The huge problem was to duplicate the very same workout on a curve surface area and on a product that has a lot more versatility than silicone. Numerous techniques were aimed to tighten up the location around the skin (a metal ring, elastics, scotch tape ...) however the most efficient one was a scooter's inner tube, open on the location to be marked.
See this here:
To succeed, whatever needed to be accurate and determined. Here is an action by action on ways to change a 3D printer or CNC into a tattoo device. 3d Printer Tattoo Machine.

- Step your devices and produce (3D print) an adaptor to repair it rather of the 3D printer's extruder.

- Install your tattoo tool so that it will not move at all. You do not desire it to vibrate throughout the print.

- Mark the center of the constructed platform.

- Make your illustration in a 3D software application if you are utilizing a three axis maker. Provide it a minimum density of 0,2 mm. Aim to have just laid out. The technique will not work to fill surface areas ... for the minute.

- Import your illustration in the 3D printing software application.

- Step the length in between the platform and the top of the arm you wish to tattoo. Then place the number in the 3D printing software application to put the illustration at the great height. Some 3D printer software applications will instantly return the drawing to the develop plate level.

In this case, only from a 0,2 x0,2 mm cube under your illustration and provide it the range you desire. The printer will then change its height instantly (because the file's bottom will be at the high variety).

- You might wish to modify the stress on the skin so your circle won't be appearance oval after eliminating the rubber. Utilize a stencil to draw a circle on the skin. Then use the inner tube to offer the skin some stress, keeping it extended evenly.

- Some 3D printers initialize their XYZ axis by running into little sensing units, typically at one end of each shaft. Considering that you eliminated the extruder, you may have to produce a small piece wich will make contact in between your brand-new tool and the sensing units.

- Make certain to disinfect each single aspect and tools that may be in touch with the human skin.

- Fill your needle with tattoo ink

- Send out the drawing to print and stop the maker briefly once it get's to its determined height.

- Location the "volunteer's" arm in the Automatic Tatoo maker and ensure that it's completely focused. Start the motor, cross your fingers and ... GO!

- If the skin stress and needle height were determined correctly, everything must go high.
This experiment was done under the guidance of Tattoo specialists.
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